The HaoDuoYi Open Front Cape Review

Jackets and coats are traditional outer garments for women, but capes are a stylish alternative, especially for women who put fashion front and center. The casual women’s open front cape by HaoDuoYi is an example of a cape that is not only functional, like a jacket or a coat, but stylish as well. HaoDuoYi is a company that not only focus on Euramerican modern clothing function but also design. Top designers and fabric suppliers serve the company.

The cape is satin lined and comes in a variety of colors, such as black and burgundy red. To wash the coat, bring cleaners as you would most coats. To remove any wrinkles, merely take an iron on a light setting to the fabric. Use a sizing chart to determine the correct size to wear for this cape.


1. The design of the cap has enough material to overlap and cover the shoulders. So it not only fits appropriately, but it also provides some warmth while also allowing the arms to be exposed. This is a cape that is good for spring as well as fall.

2. The cut of the cape has the effect of making a woman look longer as well as leaner. Therefore, it has a slimming effect for women who wish to look slimmer.

3. This is a cape that is good for a wide variety of occasions. If a woman wanted to wear it to the mall, it would be appropriate. With that being said, if a woman wanted to wear it to a fancy dinner, it’s suitable for that, as well. The look of this cape makes it perfect for casual to dressy.

4. The cape looks expensive even though it’s affordable. This is due to the material and the way it is cut.

5. This is a cape that is made with a combination of materials that make it not only good for spring but also for fall. The material combination is 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. The material is also stretchy and comfortable against the skin.


The cape is not warm enough for winter months.

The casual women’s open front cape by HaoDuoYi is an excellent option for spring or fall and is more stylish than your standard coat or jacket. The cape looks glamorous for many occasions, including casual, without an expensive price tag. It is long in length and has an open front for easy movement.

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