Le Moda Plum Cozy Cape and Gloves Set Reviewed

Le Moda’s Plum Cozy Cape and Gloves Set is an affordable but stylish set that is destined to be your go-to autumn and winter coverage. It is so roomy and flowy that it looks like something that belongs on the runway. For under $50, it only looks haute couture because this set can go with any casual outfit you want to wear.


It works with leggings, jeans or nighttime apparel. Wherever you wear it, you will stay warm from chilly weather and still look elegant. It is made from soft, cozy fleece. The cape and the gloves are trimmed with plush Sherpa for added warmth and an extra dimension of style.

It is easy wearing with a single-button closure at the neck which accents the cape. The gloves stretch for a snug but comfortable fit that will keep you warm day or night. Wear it with the hood up or down for style or for practical purposes. If you get caught in a snow shower you are protected and so is your hair.

This is a practical set to own because it is totally functional but is decidedly fashionable. It works with any type of wardrobe, so it works for running errands, heading to work or going out for a night on the town. It is also easy to care for. You will not need to take it to the dry cleaners. Simply toss it in the wash and dry it on the gentle cycle. The color never fades.

The cape is 37 inches from the shoulder to the hem and measures 64 inches across. The gloves fit up to size 8.5. One size fits all for the cape, making it an ideal gift because you never have to guess about the fit.

While it is designed to keep you warm outside, you can also easily wear it indoors without the gloves to maintain that effortless style you want to be known for. No one has to know how cozy you feel when you are attending a holiday brunch or other indoor event.

Le Moda has been making clothing for over 65 years. The family-owned business offers capes, coats, shawls, wraps, and ruanas. They only use the best fabrics and have an excellent reputation for the quality, stylish outdoor wear they manufacture. Their outdoor apparel like the cape and glove set are excellent, stylish alternatives to the usual winter coats available for women.

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