VYZY Goth & The Beginning of a New Direction

VYZY Goth was founded decades ago as a digital safe haven for those who relate to practically anything goth. I remember sitting in the high school lunch room with friends when the idea for this website came into existence. While everyone threw in their own 2-cents, I was the one who put things into motion and started the website.

At the time I didn’t quite see the power in taking action.

Now, those same people who sat around the table are off living their lives. I met one of them the other day and he didn’t seem happy. He said he didn’t like his job. He didn’t like where he is living. And he had many other complaints to make about his life from all sorts of other angles.

I don’t say these things to diminish or degrade a person by any means, but rather to show the freedom a person can achieve by building. I’m talking about building your dreams. I once heard someone say that we can find happiness in our lives if we dream in color. I believe this is the first step. First clearly imagining our future self and life in color. Then the next part is going forth and collecting feedback by doing.

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