2016 – It’s The Year To Give Your Bathroom The Treat It Deserves!

Sometimes it can be our poor humble bathroom that gets put to the bottom of the list when it comes to re-modelling our home. Shame really, considering how much we have to be thankful for when it comes to having a good functioning rest room!

That’s why it’s my belief that 2016 is the year that all of us should give our bathroom a little love. So what are some of the most popular bathroom re-modelling ideas for our current year? Let’s find out!

Focus Grasshopper… Creating A Bathroom Focal Point

This year seems to be all about having one trendy and eye-catching focal point that fashionably smacks you in the face the moment you enter your rest room.

Good options for creating the effect are a vintage style free standing bath tub, or a modern walk-in shower. Remember, when you’re thinking about which focal point to choose for your bathroom, try to envision it as a personal decision. Your home is an extension of you as a person, and home decor is a great way to express yourself. Choose a design and style that has got your character written all over it.

We just remodeled a bathroom and chose to go for high-end linens as our focal point. Color is key, but there’s nothing like your guest seeing Portugal’s premier towels and wash rags.

If what makes up you, is staying on top of the latest fashion, then it may interest you to know what is hot this year in terms of walk-in showers. Keep an eye out for heavy glass enclosures that feature a frameless design, not only will this keep you in fashion, but it will give you bathroom a sophisticated spa feel as soon as you walk in.

Metallics Set Your Future Mornings For The Modern Vibe

This year brushed nickel and oil-rubbed copper are definitely deserving their places on our bathroom style trendy list. Both the colours and textures to these two choices give them a luxury, if not slightly quirky, appearance, a great combination for most bathrooms. If you’re on a budget, but desperate for a bathroom re-model, replacing your faucets with copper or nickel can give your bathroom a very trendy face-lift, without a hefty price tag!

If You’re Going To Light It, Please-Please Don’t Hide It!

Bathroom lightning has come a long way from simply being functional. This year lighting is all about making a statement. Choose large statement-making pieces that make their presence well and truly known.

Don’t be afraid to go for something a bit, ‘out there’, when it comes to lighting up your rest room. Extravagant chandeliers and metal drum pendants are all proving popular this year.

Tell All Of Your Friends, Tiles Are Trendy, Again!

For all you tile-lovers out there, 2016 is definitely your year. Tiles are in fashion and the styles and designs available have never been prettier! Whilst this year sees popularity rising in white, cobalt blue and slate grey, ultimately your tile choice is up to you. Choose something that will make you smile every time you receive a call of nature.

Certainly our humble bathroom is a god-send to any home. This year is the time to give it a well-deserved treat. Make a statement with your lighting, choose modern trendy tiles, and don’t forget those quirky metallic fittings. Now all that’s left is to enjoy your new and stunningly re-modelled home bathroom!

VYZY Goth & The Beginning of a New Direction

VYZY Goth was founded decades ago as a digital safe haven for those who relate to practically anything goth. I remember sitting in the high school lunch room with friends when the idea for this website came into existence. While everyone threw in their own 2-cents, I was the one who put things into motion and started the website.

At the time I didn’t quite see the power in taking action.

Now, those same people who sat around the table are off living their lives. I met one of them the other day and he didn’t seem happy. He said he didn’t like his job. He didn’t like where he is living. And he had many other complaints to make about his life from all sorts of other angles.

I don’t say these things to diminish or degrade a person by any means, but rather to show the freedom a person can achieve by building. I’m talking about building your dreams. I once heard someone say that we can find happiness in our lives if we dream in color. I believe this is the first step. First clearly imagining our future self and life in color. Then the next part is going forth and collecting feedback by doing.

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